Romney Energy Plan Ignores Planetary Emergency

Jeff Goodell reports at the RollingStone that Mitt Romney’s energy plan is basically this: Because of technological innovations like fracking, America is awash in gas and oil that we’re now able to reach. If we drill the heck out of everything, including protected public lands and fragile regions like the Arctic National Wildlife Refuge, America can emerge as an “energy superpower.” This “drill, baby, drill” policy, the Republicans claim, will lower energy prices, create 3 million new jobs, add $500 billion to the gross domestic product, boost tax revenues by $1 trillion and strengthen national security by increasing “freedom from dependence on foreign energy supplies.” The policy is a blueprint for polluting the planet and speeding up climate change – AND it’s precisely the energy policy that David and Charles Koch, the billionaire conservative oilmen who have pledged $400 million to defeat Obama, would advocate. Indeed, America’s leading fossil-fuel barons have lined up behind Romney, funneling hundreds of millions of dollars into his campaign and supporting superpacs. Clearly, Romney is choosing to ignore a planetary emergency, as scientists now characterize climate change.


Mitt Romney’s disastrous energy plan


About melharte

Mel (Mary Ellen) Harte is a biologist (PhD) and climate change educator. She co-authored the free online book, COOL THE EARTH, SAVE THE ECONOMY, available at www.CoolTheEarth.US, and writes the CLIMATE CHANGE THIS WEEK column at the HuffingtonPost. Living summers in the alpine Rockies, she is on the frontlines of watching what climate change can do. Her diagnostic digital photographs of wildflowers have appeared in numerous publications.
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