Fracking Threatens Babies, Further Climate Change, and More!

Fossil Fuel Follies:

Credit Peter Essick

World’s Fossil Fueled Plants Are Increasing, Locking in More Emissions, Climate Change says a new study, reports Jeff Spross at Climate Progress.

Such plants are being built faster than they are being retired, which is guaranteeing an increase in global carbon emissions, exactly the opposite of what needs to be done to avoid ever more catastrophic climate change for humanity.


Credit Kleineolive at Wikimedia.

Building these plants is an act of economic lunacy: the pollution will continue to eat away at economic development if they function, or current investments will be worthless if they are replaced by clean energy, needed if human civilization is to continue to thrive.

OO New Coal Power Stations Threat To EU’s Emissions Target – burning Europe’s reserves of lignite would wipe out the EU’s entire carbon budget from 2020 until the end of the century, says Greenpeace.

Credit Ajsmen91 at Wikimedia Commons

OO Potential Health Risks for Babies Born Near Fracking say initial studies.

OO Pennsylvania: Fracking Has Contaminated Drinking Water 100s of Times

OO US State Dept Underestimates Carbon Pollution From Keystone XL


Oil is being delivered faster than perishable food crops to human communities.

OO Food Crops Pushed Aside As Oil Trains Sail Through and the delays are hitting farmers – and food companies – in the pocketbook, hard.

Denying Reality:

OO Climate Sceptic Says Australia’s Record Breaking Heat Is Fabricated Conspiracy as he accuses the Bureau of Meteorology of falsifying the data — the road of denial takes yet another bizarre turn.



Summer Recap of Hot, Cold, and Rainy Extremes
Consistent With Global Heating
, notes meteorologist Jon Plotkin at Decoded Science, as he ticks off various new weather records around the US. A recent heat wave promised a very warm start to the fall in the US and Europe.

OO NOAA Lists 20 Coral Species As Threatened From Climate Change, fishing and pollution.

Pests Pose Increasing Risk to Food Security says a new study, reports Tim Radford at Climate Central, as climate change and human transmission continue to ease the spread of pests from their points of origin to possible host countries.

Source: CIAT/flickr

Few countries now host most of the pests that could possibly thrive in them, but the spread of pests, over 2,000 of them, is accelerating, and that will mean further damage to crops increasingly stressed by increasingly extreme weather under continuing climate change.

Ferocious Feedbacks:

Credit: Steve Dunleavy at flickr

California: Mountain Forest Changes Threaten Water Supplies says a new study, reports John Upton at Climate Central, as changing temperature gradients are “dragging” water-hogging forests uphill. This could reduce state water supplies up to 25% by 2100.

California Dryin’:

OO Drought-Stricken California Moves To Regulate Underground Water
— For First Time Ever

OO Battle Wages for California’s Groundwater Rights – as neighboring farmers sue each other, and a bill regulating it looms.


Well before it became crowded with people., the west has seen megadroughts spanning 30 to 100 years long in the past 1000 years. Current climate change increases the chances of the current drought turning into one.

OO Climate Change Ups Odds of a Southwest Megadrought

Join the swelling numbers of voters TELLING Congress they’ll vote for Clean Energy candidates here. This is an ongoing campaign (the next Congressional election is this year!) so please, spread the word. It’s our way of telling Congress that a strong clean energy voting bloc is out there. This is how YOU can make a difference.

For more on Climate Change, check out my weekly column at the HuffingtonPost, Climate Change This Week

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