Climate Change: The Elevator Pitch, Family Planning Pays, and More!

Today, the Earth got a little hotter and a little more crowded.

@@ Climate Change: The Elevator Pitch


These sea slugs are now invading northern California. Gary McDonald, Courtesy of UC Santa Cruz

OO Pink Sea Slug Masses Migrate To North California As warming waters make it more hospitable to the Dr Seussian invaders.

OO Melting Ice, Warmer Temperatures Linked To
Massive Oxygen Loss In The World’s Oceans
10,000-17,000 years ago, and this new research could explain what is currently happening in our oceans today.

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What a healthy reef looks like. NOAA library at Flickr

OO Something Really, Really Terrible Is About To Happen To Our Corals – many of them are on the verge of dying from a mass-scale bleaching event, as the ever warming oceans make it ever easier to create the conditions for one.

@@ Everyday Climate Change at Instagram
Bringing you the face of climate change daily

Jeremy Sutton-Hibbert at Instagram Feb 6, 2015.
A Losing Battle: Locals rebuild a shoreline sea wall of giant clam shells, trying to halt erosion of their very low-lying land on Han Island, Carteret Atoll, off of Papua New Guinea.

Rising sea levels have eroded much coastline of the Carteret islands. Waves have crashed over the islands, destroying what little crop gardens islanders have. When this photo was taken food was scarce, with islanders living on a meager one meal per day diet of fish and coconut. Low-lying Pacific atolls such as this will suffer most from rising sea levels and changing weather patterns.

OO Everyday Climate Change, Now On Instagram

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OO The Making Of A Climate Refugee – As sea level rise sinks Kiribati, it could become the first Pacific nation to face mass exodus.


Solving Climate Change and Hunger: Family Planning Pays says a newUniversity of California at San Francisco report. “More than 800 million people on the planet are chronically hungry and climate change is accelerating,” said lead author Joe Speidel, MD.

“Ongoing rapid population growth is making it much more difficult to address these serious world problems.”

Just as too many people on a truck can make it difficult to get anywhere, too many people on the planet can make it difficult to solve the ensuing problems. Library Foundation of Los Angeles, Alan Weisman

Improving access to family planning could provide up to 29% of needed decreases in greenhouse gas emissions. Reducing the need to increase food production would help stabilize the climate, since crops and livestock production currently produce 30% of global carbon emissions. It would also make it easier to address world hunger.
OO Climate Change Mitigation’s Best-Kept Secret:
It’s Fairly Easy to Make Big Changes
– and to dramatically slow our methane emissions — if we make the commitment to do so.

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OO It’s Not Too Late To Stop Climate Change,
And It’ll Be Super-Cheap
– especially compared to the cost and consequences of inaction.


OO A 50th Anniversary Few Remember:
LBJ’s Warning On Carbon Dioxide


Join the swelling numbers of voters TELLING Congress they’ll vote for Clean Energy candidates here. This is an ongoing campaign (the next Congressional election is in 2016!) so please, spread the word. It’s our way of telling Congress that a strong clean energy voting bloc is out there. This is how YOU can make a difference.


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