The Hot Connection to Snowballs, Siberia, Syria and More!

Today, the Earth got a little hotter, and a little more crowded.

@@ You Can Believe the Senator With a Snowball OR …
After Senator James Inhofe tossed a snowball in the Senate to illustrate his ignorance of the link between extreme weather (both hot AND cold) and climate change, Senator Sheldon Whitehouse rode to the rescue of sanity on the subject.


YOU CAN ACT… after you’ve dissolved into hysterical giggles at the absurdity of Senator Inhofe – and lob a snowball back at him!

Sign here and Environmental Action will deliver dozens of snowballs to Sen Inhofe’s office (yes, they’re serious), and they’ll inscribe each one with a personal message from climate activists like you to the Pro-tem of climate denial.

Signing that made my day…


Credit Katharina Hesse
@@ Everyday Climate Change at Instagram
Bringing you the face of climate change daily

The coast in Qingdao in Shandong province, China, during an upcoming rainstorm. Sea levels along the coast are rising faster than the world average due to climate change, recent China media reported.

But take another look at that picture.

The seemingly ordinary family in the foreground must be quite rich, for China levies significant fees beyond having more than one child. As China loosens its one child policy and the increasing, prosperous middle class explodes as energy consumers, so, too, will climate changing emissions and humanity’s future explode, unless there is a dramatic switch to clean energy – and we ALL adopt a one child policy.


Merchants of Doubt Documentary is OUT and it’s hot! Look for it in your local theaters.

Related Youtuber:

@@ Merchants of Doubt: What Climate Deniers Learned from Big Tobacco



Overpopulation and Climate Change Helped Spark Syria Uprising
in conjunction with poor leadership, says a new study, reports the Business Standard. Five recent years of drought, intensified by climate change, slashed food production by a third as the population exploded from 4 to 22 million over the past half century. Poor, corrupt leadership added fuel to the fire.

“Rapid demographic change encourages instability” say the authors. Over a million hungry refugees added to the Iraqi war refugees already flooding city peripheries, and were ignored by government., as food prices and malunutrition soared.

Faces of the conflict in Syria. Credit AP/Vadim Ghirda

A Prelude of Our Future? Only if we let it be: A small family is a healthy one – for the planet, too.

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OO How Climate Change Helped Spark the Uprising in Syria

OO Climate Change a ‘Contributing Factor’ in Syrian Conflict

A Sao Paulo reservoir gets ever lower. Source BBC

OO Climate Change, Overpopulation, and Growing Meat
Create Water Emergencies Worldwide
– think Pakistan, Brazil and California – but the list will expand into water wars worldwide, experts predict, as these three factors further stress water supplies, creating a thirsty, violent world.

OO The Warming World: Is Capitalism Destroying Our Planet?
As long as it embraces infinite, unsustainable growth – think cancer…


New giant craters, presumably created by explosive releases of methane from melting tundra, have appeared in Siberia; in one case, a dozen smaller craters have appeared around a larger one. Credit: Vasily Bogoyavlensky at Siberiantimes

OO Dozens Of New Craters Appear In Northern Russia

Related Headlines:

OO New Giant Siberian Craters Spark Fears Of Arctic Natural Disaster – space satellite photos have revealed the dramatic mushrooming of the holes, believed to be caused by methane gas eruptions in melting permafrost due to climate change, scientists said.

OO Siberian Crater Saga Is More Widespread — And Scarier
— Than Anyone Thought


Join the swelling numbers of voters TELLING Congress they’ll vote for Clean Energy candidates here. This is an ongoing campaign (the next Congressional election is in 2016!) so please, spread the word. It’s our way of telling Congress that a strong clean energy voting bloc is out there. This is how YOU can make a difference.


For more on Climate Change, check out my weekly column at the HuffingtonPost, Climate Change This Week


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