Climate Change: West Coast Is in Hot Water, Record Hot Antarctic, and More!



Daily Climate Change: Global Map of Unusual Temperatures, Apr 5, 2015

How unusual has the weather been? No one event is “caused” by climate change, but global warming, which is predicted to increase unusual, extreme weather, is having a daily effect on weather, worldwide.

Looking above at recent temperature anomalies, much of the US and the waters surrounding it are experiencing warmer than normal temperatures: the eastern Pacific warm spot continues to prevent much rain from reaching California, sending it into further drought.

Much of the areas surrounding the North Pole are experiencing much warmer than normal temperatures – not good news for our Arctic thermal shield of ice. Hotter than usual temperatures continue to dominate human habitats.

Natural Repercussions:

As Antarctica warms up, so is the melting of its ice shelves. Credit NOAA at Flickr

OO Antarctica: Record-Breaking Hot Temperature Recently – 63.5°F. Setting a new all-time temperature record for an entire continent is an exceedingly rare event, reports Ari Phillips at Climate Progress. Meanwhile, new heat records worldwide are far outpacing new cold records.

Related Headlines:

OO 63.5°F in Antarctica – where the most recent century has been the fastest warming one in the past 2,000 years.

OO Antarctic Ice Shelves Melting 70% Faster a new study shows, raising concern that an important buttress keeping land-based ice sheets from flowing to the sea could collapse or vanish in coming decades.

OO Antarctica’s Icy ‘Doorstops’ Thin, Creating Rising Seas Risk

Source: The Daily Climate

OO The Gulf Stream System May Already Be Weakening: Not Good -this crucial heat conveyor belt hasn’t been this weak in 1,100 years, perhaps due to an influx of freshwater from Greenland’s melting ice sheet.

OO Report: Diversity Of New England Plant Life Is Threatened by climate change and expanding human development.

OO California Snowpack Hits All-Time Low: 8 %Of Average

Starving sea lion pups are just the most visible dramatic effect of warming waters on US coastal ecosystems. Credit NOAA Fisheries West Coast at Flickr

OO The West Coast Is in Hot Water creating a slew of changes to marine food chains.

Social Repercussions:

OO The Salton Sea: A Time-Bomb Amid California Drought – As the sea dries, the toxic pollutants in its bottom are set to be dispersed by wind, polluting far and wide, as migrating birds are deprived of an important rest stop.

OO Florida’s Climate Denial Could Cause Catastrophic US Recession – because there’s now a trillion-dollar real-estate bubble in coastal property. When it bursts from a catastrophic storm, U.S. taxpayers — all of us — will have to pay the bailout bill.

Indian traffic as monsoons flood. Credit Liji Jinaraj at wikipedia commons

OO Tropical Rainfall Rising As Big Storm Events Increase, especially big thunderstorms, study finds.

OO Australia: Queensland To Create Permanent Disaster Recovery Agency to deal with a future of more extreme cyclones and floods brought on by climate change.


There is, of course, much more news on the consequences and solutions to climate change. To get it, check out this annotated resource list I’ve compiled, “Climate Change News Resources,” at here. For more information on the science of climate change, its consequences and solutions you can view my annotated list of online information resources here.

To help you understand just what science does and does NOT do, check thisout!

Every day is Earth Day, folks, as I was reminded by these strawberries I photographed one spring. Making the U.S. a global clean energy leader will ensure a heck of a lot more jobs, and a clean, safe future. If you’d like to join the increasing numbers of people who want to TELL Congress that they will vote for clean energy candidates you can do so here. It’s our way of letting Congress know there’s a strong clean energy voting bloc out there. For more detailed summaries of the above and other climate change items, audio podcasts andtexts are freely available.


Join the swelling numbers of voters TELLING Congress they’ll vote for Clean Energy candidates here. This is an ongoing campaign (the next Congressional election is in 2016!) so please, spread the word. It’s our way of telling Congress that a strong clean energy voting bloc is out there. This is how YOU can make a difference.


For more on Climate Change, check out my weekly column at the HuffingtonPost, Climate Change This Week


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