The world is changing from global warming every day – are you listening?  Come here for frequent updates to happenings around the world related to global warming, its consequences, and solutions – stuff that usually doesn’t bob to the surface of our daily headlines. These short newscasts reflect my personal highlights – and I welcome yours.

Global warming and its consequences are intimately tied to our economy and jobs, our health, and our future.  If this doesn’t top the list of our voting priorities, all the other issues will go out the window as things turn catastrophic — and it already has for farmers getting wiped out by droughts and floods, and people getting wiped from heatwaves, droughts, floods, and hurricanes. We CAN elect leaders who are ready to act to slow and eventually stop global warming. The first step is staying informed and alert.

Who am I? A zoologist (PhD) and climate change educator, I’ve co-authored a free online book for the public, COOL THE EARTH, SAVE THE ECONOMY, available at www.CoolTheEarth.US   (2008, but still mostly relevant), and also produce a weekly series of podcast newscasts called the Climate Change Reports, http://cooltheearth.us/climate-report.php . The  annotated texts of some of those reports form my blog posts here.  Along with my husband John Harte, I occasionally blog at the HuffingtonPost. I also do diagnostic wildflower photography (3,000+ pics appear at www.forestryimages.org ). During the summer, I produce the radio show Nature Notes at KBUT in the beautiful Colorado Rockies (archives at www.KBUT.org )

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  1. michaelahopp says:

    It seems like you have an interesting, passionate and educated voice to contribute to the climate change ‘debate’. I will be following your post 🙂

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